A hand-gesture tracking interface was designed to manipulate 3D content in a fulldome. Using a leap motion to track the motions and UE’s blueprints to attach actions to these motions allowed the user to interact with the content displayed without the need of external physical controllers. 



WHY DON’T YOU JUST QUIT? is a critical virtual reality game whose purpose is to create a space for reflection and understanding and motivate our approach to other’s lives with a stronger sense of empathy. By removing personal exclusions and stigmatization towards recovering addicts maximizes the likelihood of long-term recovery



An app that uses proximity sensors to show relevant content depending on the area the user is within a library. With this the library is able to promote specific books or themes and the users are able to find books that might be new for them.


Muffin or


A three-part interactive installation consisting of a guessing game, an informational video, and a pedagogical game showing the basics of neural networks. The purpose was to introduce and inspire a younger generation, with a focus in teenage girls, to delve into Artificial Intelligence.


Deception App

Deception is a well known board-game. We developed the mobile game version translating the aesthetics and the gameplay so it would keep the elements people love about the game in a different media.


RFID Coach

Tangible interface that aims to increase security by being an educational tool. There is a gap in the understanding and teaching of security as well as in attempts to increase general knowledge through augmented education. (Prototype)



A GUI concept intended for vehicles. Amoeba’s purpose is to increase the user’s ability to decide which data is stored and the level of the interactions it’s used for in a system that uses IOT or Machine Learning.